Wire Guards Calottes & Ends

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3.5mm Cord ends Rose Gold Finished

3.5mm Cord ends Silver Plated

Calottes - Dark Silver

Calottes - Gold Plated

Calottes - Silver Finish

Cord End Crimps (large) - Silver plated

Fancy Double Cord Ends C/G

Fancy Double Cord Ends S/P

Large calottes Silver plated

Ribbon End Crimps - Dark Silver plated

Wire Guards- Silver Plated (30pcs)

Wire Guards-Anitque Copper (30pcs)

Wire Guards-Antique Gold (30pcs)

Wire Guards-Champagne Gold Plated (30pcs)

Wire Guards-Gold Plated (30pcs)

Wire Guards-Gunmetal Finished(30pcs)


Page 1 of 1:    16 Items