Copper Wire

0.3mm=28 wire gauge   10 metres approx, 

0.6mm=22 wire gauge     5 metres approx, 

0.8mm=20 wire gauge  2.5 metres approx, 

1.0mm=18 wire gauge     1.8 metres approx,

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0.3mm Copper Wire Silver

0.3mm Copper Wire-Blue

0.3mm Copper Wire Dark-Copper

0.3mm Copper Wire-Fuchsia

0.3mm Copper Wire-Gold

0.3mm Copper Wire-Green

0.3mm Copper Wire-Red

0.3mm Copper Wire-Silver

0.6mm Copper Wire-Blue

0.6mm Copper Wire-Fuchsia

0.6mm Copper Wire-Gold

0.6mm Copper Wire-Green

0.6mm Copper Wire-Silver

0.8mm Copper Wire-Fuchsia

0.8mm Copper Wire-Gold

0.8mm Copper Wire-Green

0.8mm Copper Wire-Silver

1mm Copper Wire-Blue

1mm Copper Wire-Copper

1mm Copper Wire-Gold

1mm Copper Wire-Green

1mm Copper Wire-Silver


Page 1 of 1:    22 Items