Artemis & Crystal Faceted Beads

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13mm Small Faceted Crystal Ball

15mm Medium Faceted Crystal Ball

15x10mm Acrylic Drops (pack of 5)

18x11mm Faceted Acrylic Drops (pack of 5)

18x12mm Faceted Crystal Drops (pack of 5)

20mm Large Faceted Crystal Ball

Artemis Bead-Crystal (pack of 5)

Artemis Bead-Crystal AB (pack of 5)

Artemis Bead-Crystal Copper (pack of 5)

Artemis Bead-Pale Pink (pack of 5)

Artemis-Dark Aqua (pkt 5)

Artemis-emerald (pkt 5)

Artemis-Jet (pkt 5)

Artemis-White Opal (pkt 5)

Bells - Gold 12mm (5pcs)

Bells - Red 12mm (5pcs)

Bells - Silver 12mm (5pcs)

Glass Pearl Drop Beads-Cream

Glass Pearl Drop Beads-Gold

Glass Pearl Drop Beads-Grey

Glass Pearl Drop Beads-Lilac

Glass Pearl Drop Beads-Magenta

Glass Pearl Drop Beads-Red

Glass Pearl Drop Beads-Royal blue

Glass Pearl Drop Beads-Teal

Glass Pearl Drop Beads-White

Sample of Angels-02

Video of Angel making for jewellery and ornaments


Page 1 of 1:    28 Items